Eli Isaiah LUSTROUS Mykha Amani

Origami Praying Mantis by Mykha Amani and Eli Isaiah

The children have really been interested in origami, especially Eli Isaiah.  He would spend a lot of time on YouTube finding instructional videos for different origami creations and work at it until he mastered it.  Usually, if one does it, the others will want to do it as well.  So they decided to work together on a praying mantis.  We were all quite impressed with the outcome!Praying Mantis Origami Praying Mantis Origami-001 Praying Mantis Origami-002 Praying Mantis Origami-004 Praying Mantis Origami-005 Praying Mantis Origami-006LOL! Praying Mantis Origami-007

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