Eli Isaiah Emmanuel Jania Ariel Mykha Amani

Changing Seasons.

These were taken right at the end of summer 2017.

EMANATION Jania Ariel Solomon Raphael

Animal Dancers

This was so much fun! Jania and Solomon wanted Mykha and Eli to film them playing around. And it somehow turned into this.

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Jania Ariel from the Archives

So cute in her Dora PJ’s! When it is hard to select just one and you have to see her moves, a GIF is perfect! lolAhnaru 3yrs.gif

Emmanuel Jania Ariel Mykha Amani Solomon Raphael

Halloween Photoshoot

Eli Isaiah Isaac Aziel Jania Ariel Joel Mykha Amani Solomon Raphael


We made this video in celebration of Floralia. It’s about the process of a seed becoming a plant.

Jania Ariel LUSTROUS

Designed and Decorated by Jania Ariel




This Dora water bottle was decorated by Jania Ariel.  So creative!Designed by Jania Ariel

Jania Ariel

Jania Ariel’s Spring Blossoms


Jania Ariel and her blossoms. Ahnaru-01 Ahnaru-02